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L.R. Mourning Company is a multi-million dollar general contractor, specializing in commercial construction.  At L. R. Mourning Company, we are proud of the caliber of our employees. Their capabilities are expanded through our internal training program.

Our site supervisors are seasoned professionals who bring a high level of expertise to our operations.  The result is a confident and professional staff. We believe a successful approach to commercial construction involves the combination of several key components. Most important is the implementation of engineering and architecture, driven by economics and time. 

L.R. Mourning Company adds another critical component -- experience. Experience must be acquired over time and is essential to producing a successful project. L.R. Mourning Company has that experience.  Formed in 1982, L. R. Mourning Company has an extensive list of notable past achievements. Our project approach is three tiered: quality, speed, and cost.  We maintain a lean organizational structure combined with the financial strength of a large company, which  allows us to perform with speed, agility, and flexibility. 

L. R. Mourning Company
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